The Top 23 Smart Home Influencers on Twitter

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, our homes are becoming smarter, more interconnected, and seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. 

The rise of smart homes has transformed the way we live, introducing us to a new era of convenience, security, and energy efficiency. 

At the forefront of this revolution are the influencers on Twitter who champion new advances in smart home technology and keep us up to date with latest developments.

Join us as we delve into the profiles of these top smart home Influencers on Twitter, each having a unique perspective and a shared passion for transforming ordinary houses into cutting-edge living spaces. 

The Top 23 Smart Home Influencers on Twitter

David Copeland

david copeland corrected
  • Tweets: 1,735 Teets
  • Twitter Followers: 7,119 
  • Director of Product & Marketing at CSL Group
  • Former Global Head of Product Digital Enablement at Vodafone
  • Experienced digital product director and influencer with a track record of delivering and leading award winning solutions, sites, products, apps and portals
  • Delivered a portfolio of 4 and 5 star apps across multiple platforms
  • Moderator and speaker at global events such as Apps World and is a pioneer of “Mobile First” thinking and “App Store Optimisation”.
  • Specialties: IoT, Digital Strategy, Online, ASO, App Store Optimisation, Mobile Strategy, Performance Marketing, CRO, Native & Hybrid apps, eServices, Mobile Web, Self Care, Editorial, Content Management, Digital Publishing, Product Management, New Product Design, User Centred Design, Content, Content Standards, Loyalty, Digital Marketing, Digital Retailing.
  • Twitter: @DC_Copeland
  • LinkedIn:

Christopher Danvers

christopher danvers
  • Tweets: 292K Tweets
  • Twitter Followers: 11.5K
  • Product Development & Card Payment Strategy
  • Senior Manager, Product Development & Card Strategy at Helix by Q2
  • Payments expert with over 20 years of experience at financial institutions and platform providers
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP®)
  • Graduate of the Southeast CUNA Management School (SRCUS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Management, Marketing & Sales from Kaplan University
  • Associate of Science in Multimedia and Web Design from The New England Institute of Art
  • Executive Certificate from MIT Sloan Business School in Strategy and Innovation
  • Presents and speaks at payments and technology events as opening keynote, plenary speaker and as a panelist.
  • Federal Reserve’s Secure Payments Task Force as a Steering Committee member
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @KingofPayments
  • LinkedIn:

Daniel Elizalde

daniel elizalde
  • Tweets: 11.3K 
  • Twitter Followers: 24.1K 
  • IoT Influencer
  • Product Executive turned Coach and Advisor
  • Helps B2B SaaS and IoT product teams accelerate innovation
  • Over 20 years of experience in industries ranging from Manufacturing, Aerospace, Automotive, Telecommunications, eCommerce, and Renewable Energy
  • Head of Products at Stem (AI-powered energy storage startup in Silicon Valley)
  • Formerly: VP, Head of IoT for North America at Ericsson
  • Published ‘The B2B Innovator’s Map’
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @delizalde
  • LinkedIn:

Hagai Feiner

Hagai Feiner
  • Tweets: 11.6K
  • Twitter Followers: 1,689
  • Technology evangelist and forward-thinking entrepreneur. 
  • Founder/CEO of Access Networks
  • President at Platform Five
  • Served multiple years on CEDIA’s Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Technology Council
  • Experience in the Israeli Air Force as an F16 technician and Crew Chief
  • Twitter: @HagaiFeiner
  • LinkedIn:

Lucian Fogoros

Lucian Fogoros
  • Tweets: 21.6K 
  • Twitter Followers: 29.6K 
  • IoT Influencer
  • Co-Founder of
  • Entrepreneurial software engineer with global technical & business leadership experience (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United States)
  • Worked in software development, product development, training, marketing, pre-sales, product management, M&A integration and global marketing
  • Advisory Board Cleveland State University Computer Eng.
  • Teaches in the Electrical & Computer Science Department at Cleveland State University (CSU) focusing on Industrial Automation & Industrial IoT
  • Holds a BSEE from Cleveland State University and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Finance from Case Western Reserve University
  • Worked in the industrial software and automation industry since 1998
  • World Trade Center Cleveland Representative for Eastern Europe and Board Member for the
  • Senior level positions in both private and nonprofit organizations from software development, product development, training, marketing, pre-sales, product management, and M&A integration
  • Twitter: @fogoros
  • LinkedIn:

Glen Gilmore

Glen Gilmore
  • Tweets: 84.9K 
  • Twitter Followers: 285.4K 
  • Author, attorney, educator and influencer and international speaker
  • Founding faculty member at the Rutgers University School of Business Executive Programs in Digital & Social Media Marketing
  • Recognized as a “futurist” by IBM
  • Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencer
  • Called a “man of action” by TIME magazine
  • Named by Inc. as one of the “Top 30 ‘Internet of Things’ Experts
  • Lecturer at Rutgers University
  • Provides customized training to members of the Fortune 500
  • Head of Gilmore Business Network
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @GlenGilmore
  • LinkedIn:

Antonio Grasso

Antonio Grasso
  • Tweets: 48.7K 
  • Twitter Followers: 329K 
  • B2B digital creator & influencer
  • Author, researcher, speaker 
  • Entrepreneur, technologist, sustainability advocate, FRSA
  • Founder and CEO of Italian startup Digital Business Innovation Srl
  • Regarded as one of the top digital transformation influencers and researchers on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and sustainability
  • Collaborates with large multinationals and public institutions as an advisor, b2b influencer, author, and software innovator
  • Accredited and Qualified Global Mentor for Startups and Scaleups by the World Business Angels Investment Forum
  • Over 37 years of experience in the field of information technology for both enterprise and public sectors
  • Currently, he is involved projects by the European Commission: the Next Generation Internet and the AI4EU (Artificial Intelligence for Europe)
  • Twitter: @antgrasso
  • LinkedIn:

Dean Anthony Gratton

Dean Anthony Gratton
  • Tweets: 283K 
  • Twitter Followers: 152.1K 
  • Dr Dean Anthony Gratton is a technology influencer, analyst and futurist
  • Created architectures and developed new products for the consumer and industry to include the IoT, Big Data and Industry 4.0 (IIoT); the Smart Home & Cities, and the Smart Metering sectors
  • Bestselling author and columnist
  • Passionate thought leader in his field with a social reach of over 3.2M
  • Former Editor of the Specification of the Bluetooth System
  • BSc Psychology
  • MSc in Software Engineering
  • PhD in Telecommunications
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @grattonboy
  • LinkedIn:

Richard Gunther

Richard Gunther
  • Tweets: 18.4K
  • Twitter Followers: 1,082 
  • Senior technology leader with a deep background in software and user experience consulting
  • Expertise in software delivery with extensive experience in multiple segments, including government, education, and financial sectors
  • Project and product management experience in online, mobile, and desktop software products
  • Specialities: stakeholder workshops, facilitate agile design and development teams, prototype design concepts, conduct heuristics analysis on existing or proposed systems
  • Founder and editor of The Digital Media Zone
  • Co-host of The Smart Home Show (a podcast that examines topics in the smart home market)
  • Co-founder of Homeboy Software Inc.
  • Discussion Panelist at CES 2017
  • Twitter: @richardgunther
  • LinkedIn:

Stacey Higginbotham

Stacey Higginbotham
  • Tweets: 31.4K 
  • Twitter Followers: 45.5K Followers
  • IoT Influencer
  • Well-known smart home and IoT (Internet of Things) journalist and analyst
  • Has covered technology for major publications for two decades
  • Writes about the industrial internet of things, how businesses are transforming their operations with data, and spend hours testing out smart home gadgets
  • Combines tech with business realities so entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders can understand what’s going on and how to profit from it
  • Her work appears in Fortune (where she was Senior Editor), PCMag, MIT Technology Review, Gigaom and Worth magazine
  • Co-host on This Week in Google
  • Host of The Internet of Things Podcast
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @gigastacey
  • LinkedIn:
  • YouTube:

Julie Jacobson

Julie Jacobson scaled
  • Tweets: 16.4K
  • Twitter Followers: 8,264
  • Specializes in IoT, home automation, security, networked A/V, wellness design, biophilic design, biomimetics, aging in place, and the business of home technology
  • Co-founded EH Publishing in 1994 and helmed CE Pro, the leading trade publication for the home technology installation channel
  • CEDIA Fellow and recipient of the 2014 CTA TechHome Leadership Award
  • Key interests: Smart home as a service (SHaaS) platforms and players, home security technologies and vertical markets, home automation/smart home technology and trends, Internet of Things (IoT), and the smart home industry and revenue models
  • MBA from the University of Texas at Austin
  • Twitter: @juliejacobson
  • LinkedIn:

Evan Kirstel

Evan Kirstel
  • Tweets: 1.1M 
  • Twitter Followers: 346.8K 
  • IoT expert and tech influencer, content creator and industry expert with 550K Social followers focused on Enterprise
  • B2B thought leader and top technology influencer who helps B2B clients grow their social media audience
  • Hired by Intel, 3M, AT&T Business, Amazon AWS, Dell, VMware, Qualcomm, HPE, Telefonica, T-Mobile Business , Samsung, Citrix, Uipath, Dell, Microsoft and Ericsson to help them achieve visibility and scale
  • Co-Founder of EvIRA Health
  • Actively building a network of fellow B2B influencers to help brands with scale and thought leadership
  • Twitter: @EvanKirstel
  • LinkedIn:
  • Website:
  • LinkTree:
  • YouTube:

Carley Knobloch

Carley Knobloch
  • Tweets: 15.3K 
  • Twitter Followers: 49.1K 
  • Lover of things with plugs and screens
  • Tech expert on Today Show and HGTV
  • Focus: companies that respect our privacy, our time, and our sanity, and demand better from others; leveraging technology to make things, build skills, be creative and inspire people, and spend less time consuming things passively.
  • Twitter: @CarleyKnobloch
  • Website:
  • LinkedIn:

Maribel Lopez

Maribel Lopez
  • Tweets: 27.2K
  • Twitter Followers: 15.4K
  • Technology industry analyst and strategic advisor at Lopez Research
  • Co-founder of the Emerging Technology Research Council
  • Helps companies understand and navigate digital transformation by analyzing today’s most powerful tech trends, including mobile, cloud big data analytics, and IoT
  • Worked at Motorola, IDC, Shiva Corporation, and Forrester Research
  • Specialties: public speaking, moderation skills, strategic advice, market research, and market positioning
  • Contributor to
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @MaribelLopez
  • LinkedIn:

Tamara McCleary

Tamara McCleary
  • Tweets: 121.8K 
  • Twitter Followers: 299.1K 
  • Founder and CEO of Thulium
  • Research scientist and technology ethicist and recent graduate (5/2022) of Harvard University’s Kennedy School
  • Research includes science, technology, and public good; global catastrophic events, existential risk, life extension technologies, synthetic life, artificial general intelligence, and posthumanism
  • Technology futurist and an advisor to leading global tech companies Amazon, Alexa, Oracle, SAP, Cisco, Dell, IBM, Mercer, Marsh & McLennan Companies, AT&T, Verizon, Citrix, and RSA Security
  • Harvard Kennedy School
  • Master of Public Administration – MC-MPA, Science, Technology, and Global Policy
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @TamaraMcCleary
  • LinkedIn:

Christopher Mims

Christopher Mims
  • Tweets: 280 
  • Twitter Followers: 104K 
  • Technology columnist at Wall Street Journal
  • Focus: the history of technology, innovation, venture capital, robotics, batteries, energy, materials science, wireless communications, AI, data science, telepresence, microchips, logistics, IT, 3D printing and autonomous boats, trucks, cars, drones and flying taxis
  • Former editor at Scientific American, Technology Review, Smithsonian and Grist.
  • Contributing editor at MIT Technology Review between 2011 and 2012
  • Bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and behavioral biology from Emory University in 200.
  • Twitter: @mims
  • Facebook:
  • LinkedIn:

J Michael Palermo IV

J Michael Palermo IV
  • Tweets: 7,471
  • Twitter Followers: 9,463
  • Published author, public speaker (keynotes, technical sessions, workshops), hackathon organizer and participant, and live-streamer
  • Over 22 years experience in developer education, developer evangelism, and engaging developer communities
  • Expertise: Developer Relations, Public Speaking, Technology Evangelism, Slack, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Leadership, Databases, Visual Studio, Software Development, JavaScript
  • Senior Manager Developer Advocacy at Okta
  • Former Director of Developer Relations at  Telenyx
  • Former Senior Alexa Evangelist at Amazon
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)
  • Microsoft MVP XML
  • Twitter: @palermo4
  • LinkedIn:

Angel Piontek

Angel Piontek
  • Tweets: 2,462 
  • Twitter Followers: 9,403 
  • Smart home and real estate expert with a background in leading marketing teams
  • Head of marketing for PointCentral, a subsidiary of (enterprise-class smart home automation)
  • Focus: the Intersection of Smart Home and Real Estate; how smart home technologies are changing the way homes are marketed, sold, and perceived by buyers, renters, and guests and how it can enhance the comfort, security, and energy efficiency of homes
  • Provides valuable insights into the integration of smart home technology in the real estate industry
  • Appears on NBC’s OpenHouse TV giving tips for selling your home
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @angelpiontek
  • LinkedIn:
  • Instagram:

Josh Pollard

Josh Pollard
  • Tweets: 19.1K 
  • Twitter Followers: 1,070 
  • DIY smart home enthusiast
  • Co-hosts the Entertainment 2.0 podcast with Richard Gunther and the DMZ’s gaming podcast, Story Players, with Joe DeStazio
  • .Net developer
  • received Microsoft’s MVP award for Windows Media Center
  • Followed by Barack Obama on Twitter
  • Twitter: @joshpollard
  • LinkedIn:

Alain Regnier

Alain Regnier
  • Tweets: 10.1K 
  • Twitter Followers: 86.6K 
  • Technical Architect and Entrepreneur passionate about innovation and new technologies
  • Innovative technical entrepreneur interested in turning ideas into successful products
  • Technical Speaker and Events organizer
  • Spent 10 years in Silicon Valley working for startups and large companies, where he co-authored various standards about Web Services and Connected Devices
  • Co-Founder, President and CTO at Kubo Labs
  • Co-founder of the GDG Paris and the GDG Cloud Paris
  • Former Software Architecture Director, Ricoh Europe
  • Entrepreneur, CTO and Technical Architect combining strong technical skills and expertise (kubernetes, cloud, application development, web development) with management experience and business oriented focus
  • Provides consulting services about Kubernetes, Cloud Technologies and Web Applications architecture with a strong focus on leveraging the Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect
  • Kubernetes expert
  • Twitter: @altolabs
  • LinkedIn:

Peggy Smedley

Peggy Smedley
  • Tweets: 43.8K 
  • Twitter Followers: 28.5K 
  • Award-Winning Author
  • Podcaster
  • Editorial director of Connected World and its sister publication Constructech
  • President of Specialty Publishing Co
  • Host of The Peggy Smedley Show
  • Recently authored ‘Sustainable in a Circular World’
  • Covers manufacturing and construction, infrastructure, security, and has a passion to empower a younger workforce and women to join STEM, IoT, and digital innovation
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @connectedworld
  • LinkedIn:

Stanford-Clark, FBCS CITP

Stanford Clark FBCS CITP scaled
  • Tweets: 69.8K
  • Twitter Followers: 12.2K
  • British information technology research engineer, specialising in telemetry and publish/subscribe messaging
  • Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor
  • IBM CTO for UK and Ireland
  • Visiting professor at Newcastle University
  • Serves on the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) peer review college
  • Innovation Leader – IBM SPEED team
  • Co-inventor of MQTT
  • Collaborated with Arlen Nipper to author the first version of the MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol (1999).
  • Twitter: @andysc
  • Website:

Andreas Staub

Andreas Staub
  • Tweets: 83.3K 
  • Twitter Followers: 66.9K 
  • Chief Transformation Officer at Raiffeisen Grupp
  • Formerly Managing Partner at FehrAdvice & Partners AG
  • Co-host of the Home: On podcast, covering smart home and home automation topics
  • Podcaster at The Digital Media Zone
  • Twitter: @andi_staub
  • LinkedIn:
  • University of Zurich, lic oec publ., Volkswirtschaftlic oec publ., 19951995

Mike Wolf

Mike Wolf
  • Tweets: 22.9K 
  • Twitter Followers: 8,026 
  • Founder of The Spoon and Smart Kitchen Summit
  • Focus: smart home, kitchen technology, and food-related innovations
  • Creator of the CES Food Tech Conference
  • Delivers keynote conferences around the world, discussing how technology will change how we eat
  • Followed by Barack Obama on Twitter
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @michaelwolf
  • LinkedIn:


This article highlights and celebrates the top smart home influencers on Twitter, recognizing their expertise, innovation, and dedication in shaping the future of our living spaces.

These influencers have successfully built a strong online presence and garnered significant followings, engaging with a vast audience that spans across enthusiasts, professionals, and everyday homeowners. Through their valuable content, they have educated and inspired countless individuals, helping them navigate the complex landscape of smart home technology, products, and trends.

Each influencer brings a unique perspective to the table, showcasing their individual areas of expertise, whether it’s home automation, voice assistants, energy efficiency, or security systems. Their insights, reviews, and recommendations have proved instrumental in guiding consumers towards making informed decisions when adopting smart home solutions.

Moreover, these influencers have fostered a vibrant community, connecting smart home enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Their engagement on Twitter has facilitated fruitful discussions, debates, and collaborations, driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of smart homes.

Whether you are a seasoned smart home enthusiast or just beginning to explore this exciting field, following these top 23 smart home influencers on Twitter will undoubtedly keep you well-informed, inspired, and connected to the latest trends and developments. So, go ahead, hit that follow button, and embark on a journey towards creating your own intelligent, automated, and personalized living environment.

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