Do You Need WiFi For Ring Doorbell?

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Home security has become increasingly important for homeowners and renters alike. One popular addition to home security systems is the Ring Doorbell, which allows you to see who is at your door and communicate with them through your smartphone.

A common question that arises, however, is do you need WiFi for Ring Doorbell to function properly.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the role of WiFi in the functionality of the Ring Doorbell and explore the options available for those without a stable WiFi connection.

do you need wifi for ring doorbell

What Is A Ring Doorbell?

The Ring Doorbell is a smart doorbell made by Ring, a company owned by Amazon.

It has a built-in motion detector and camera. The motion detector lets you know when there is movement outside your front door and the camera records video of who or what is causing that movement.

That video is sent to your smartphone as a live feed and is also uploaded to the cloud.

The motion-detector function in the Ring Doorbell helps deal with the problem of package thieves (aka porch pirates).

Ring Doorbell also has two-way audio which allows you to give instructions without opening the front door. This feature made the Ring Doorbell very popular during the pandemic.

The Ring Doorbell connects with your home WiFi and with the Ring smartphone app. The app lets you interact with and control your Ring Doorbell from anywhere in the house (or indeed, anywhere in the world).

do you need wifi for ring doorbell

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Do You Need WiFi For Ring Doorbell

Let’s look at the reasons why you need WiFi for Ring Doorbell to work properly.

Why Ring Doorbell requires WiFi

The Ring Doorbell requires WiFi because it is the smartphone app that turns the Ring Doorbell into a smart doorbell.

The smartphone app tells you when someone is at the front door. Unlike with a traditional doorbell, you don’t have to be within earshot of the bell. As long as you have your phone with you, you’ll hear the sound.

The smartphone app also gives you an activity log called the Event History Timeline. This is a tool that gives you access to all of the events recorded by the Ring Doorbell’s built-in camera.

Scrolling back and forth through timeline events will give you a better sense of what’s been happening on your front doorstep.

You’ve probably seen those funny viral videos of Amazon and Fed Ex delivery people leaving things on doorsteps. Most of those videos have been recorded by a Ring Doorbell.

The smartphone app also allows you to speak with the person on your doorstep without being anywhere near the front door.

So that’s why you need a WiFi connection for a Ring Doorbell to work.

What happens to my Ring Doorbell if the WiFi goes out?

Contrary to popular belief, WiFi and Internet are not the same thing. A Ring Doorbell requires both a WiFi connection and an Internet connection.

The WiFi connection connects your Ring Doorbell to your router and the Internet. But it is the connection to the Internet that allows you to control the Ring Doorbell via the smartphone app and to access the Doorbell remotely.

And that’s why, if you lose WiFi, your Ring Doorbell stops working.

do you need wifi for ring doorbell

The features you lose when the WiFi goes out

Without a WiFi connection, a Ring Doorbell will not work properly.

Here are the functions of your Ring Doorbell that you will lose if the WiFi goes out:

  • Push notifications to your smartphone when motion is detected within 30 meters of the front door or when someone rings the doorbell
  • Motion detector for front doorstep area
  • Access to the live video feeds recorded by the Ring Doorbell
  • Access to recorded videos stored in the cloud
  • Remote control of your Ring Doorbell from your smartphone
  • The ability to talk with the person who rang the Doorbell via your smartphone app

How the Ring Doorbell works without WiFi

Without WiFi, you could still use the button on the Ring Doorbell. However, you would need to hard wire the Ring Doorbell to a traditional doorbell chime.

In short, with no WiFi, you would lose Internet connection and, therefore, all of the smart functions of a Ring Doorbell.

Does Ring Doorbell Reconnect Automatically Once WiFi Is Restored?

The Ring Doorbell will usually reconnect to the WiFi within a few minutes, once the network is restored.

And you shouldn’t have to do anything to reconnect – the Ring Doorbell will search for your WiFi network and reconnect itself.

Using Ring Doorbell With A Mobile Hotspot

If you lose your WiFi (and therefore your broadband Internet connection), you can usually keep using your Ring Doorbell by creating a hotspot on your smartphone.

To do this, open the Ring app on your smartphone and then go to the Main Menu > Devices > Doorbell > Device Health > Change WiFi Network or Reconnect to WiFi.

Note that when you connect the Ring Doorbell to the Internet via a hotspot, you will use cellular data, which is much more expensive than regular broadband data.

A Ring Doorbell sends live video to your mobile phone and uploads video to the cloud. That’s a lot of data!

So only use a mobile hotspot in an emergency and only for short periods of time.

do you need wifi for ring doorbell

Using Ring Doorbell With An Ethernet Cable

One exception to what I have said above is the Ring Doorbell Elite.

Ring Doorbell Elite is connected to the Internet by an Ethernet cable. This means the Doorbell will have an Internet connection even if the WiFi goes out.

However, you still need WiFi to connect the Ring app to the Ring Doorbell Elite.

Does The Ring Chime Ring If The WiFi Is Off?

The Ring Chime is a companion device to Ring Doorbells. It is basically just an inside audible doorbell. A question that people ask a lot is, “Does the Ring Chime ring if the WiFi is out?”.

The answer is no: the Ring Chime needs a WiFi connection to the Ring Doorbell to chime when someone rings the doorbell.


To answer the question “do you need WiFi for Ring Doorbell?”, let’s quickly summarize what we have covered above.

The Ring Doorbell needs an Internet connection in order to work. The smart functions in a Ring Doorbell all depend on the Ring app. To connect your Ring Doorbell to the Ring app, you need an Internet connection.

To connect your Ring Doorbell to the Internet, you need WiFi.

And that, in a nutshell, is why you need WiFi for a Ring Doorbell.

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