HBO Max Not Working On Roku (9 Easy Ways To Fix It)

hbo max not working on roku

Has HBO Max stopped working on your Roku?If so, don’t panic. This can happen from time to time and it is easily solved.Just follow these nine easy fixes for HBO Max not working on Roku. Table Of Contents HBO Max Not Working On Roku – Nine Easy FixesEasy Fix #1 – Check Roku / HBO … Read more

Samsung TV Has No Sound? (9 Easy Fixes)

samsung tv has no sound

If your Samsung TV has no sound, don’t worry – it can happen for a number of different reasons. This article shows you nine ways to fix the problem and get the sound back on your Samsung TV. Table Of Contents Samsung TV Has No Sound – 9 Easy Fixes#1. Check Mute Status#2. Check The … Read more

How to Use MyQ To Close Your Garage Door (3 Easy Steps)

This article shows you how to use MyQ to close your garage door, in three easy steps:Installing the MyQ Smart Hub hardwareSetting up the MyQ smartphone appCreating a schedule to close your garage doorMyQ is a smart hub made by Chamberlain, that turns your existing garage door into a smart garage door that will automatically … Read more

Netflix Not Working On Samsung TV (7 Simple Solutions)

netflix not working on samsung tv

Has Netflix has stopped working on your Samsung TV?If so, don’t worry – here are seven easy fixes.One of these methods will nearly always solve the problem. Table Of Contents Netflix Not Working On Samsung TV – 7 Ways To Fix It#1. Check if the Netflix servers are down#2. Reset your Samsung TV#3. Update the … Read more

Samsung Remote Not Working – 9 Easy Fixes

samsung remote not working

Sometimes your Samsung remote may stop working. But don’t throw it out!Here are nine easy fixes that will usually solve the problem. Table Of Contents Samsung Remote Not Working – 9 Easy Fixes#1. Change flat batteries#2. Reset the remote#3. Reset the TV#4. Check the IR sensor#5. Re-pair the remote to the TV#6. Update the software … Read more